Wednesday, April 7, 2010

04-03-2010 Middle Sespe Rocks

I wasn't really planning on doing any hiking this weekend, until Friday evening when Megan asked if I wanted to go anywhere for my birthday. For a long time now I've been curious about the large rock formation that you can see in the distance behind the Middle Sespe trailhead. These formations look a lot like the Piedra Blanca formations that lie a few miles downstream. I've wanted to get back there and look for caves and archeological artifacts. Megan, Mike and I started from the mentioned Middle Sespe trailhead right off the 33. Instead of staying on the trail when it first crosses the Sespe we made our way upstream for little bit before we found a small creek that was flowing from the Northeast. We followed the winding little creek up about half a mile where came to some cool look rocks that were framing the creek. These rocks had some cool caves and depressions in them. A little further on and the terrain open up into a flat plain, that rock formation was further away then it looked from the road. We continued on up the creek until we came to a rocky squeeze. This was supposed to be a easy hike and I didn't want to elevate to a full on exploration mission. At this point the fog was rolling over Ortega hill and falling towards us. We decided that we had a nice time outside but that it was time to head back. We stopped at the Red Barn for some tacos before we went home. Thanks Megan, that was a nice birthday gift.

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  1. There are some pictographs and an interesting pertroglyph up there. First you have to cross through the big formations at Piedra Blanca, then cross the Sespe, and head north up the obvious canyon toward Reyes. The trail (what there is of it) will stay on the east side of the canyon. You will encounter a small campsite with a small boulder that has divets and grinding holes in it. This is the petroglyph and some folks think it resembles a Ma Jong board. Up a small canyon to the west, which is filled with chokecherry, is the pictos. They are not easy to find.