Monday, May 10, 2010

05-01-2010 Lake Casitas Beer Festival

Well, this had to be the least strenuous VCCC trip in the books. But we slept in tents, so, while it might not be canyoneering, or even hiking, I still consider it a VCCC event. First I have to give thanks to everyone involved with Ventura Independent Beer Enthusiasts (V.I.B.E.). VIBE is Ventura's homebrewers club. It's a great group of friendly beer lovers.

We all felt like he looked

I wish I could remember more about the Southern California Beer Brewers Festival. What I do remember is a lot of super nice people from all over with the common thread of loving finely crafted beer. The tasting (drinking) began at 10:30am and I would guess that it stopped somewhere near dawn the next day.

Everybody was having a good time

A lot of the clubs set up really nice booths. There was a group from San Diego that had dozens of taps flowing. The Santa Barbara club was all dressed as Barbeereens. They were wearing black kilts and viking helmets, real nice guys though. I had fun hanging out at their booth shooting the breeze. The Brewing Enthusiasts of the Antelope Valley Region (B.E.A.V.R.) had a great booth. I think they had the best named beer at the event with their "It Burns When IPA" India Pale Ale. They also had a stout called "Chocolate Covered BEAVR Nuts". My favorite beer at the fest was Temecula Valley's Scotch 80. That was a damn fine brew, and I tip my hat to whomever made it.

And I hope you like jammin too

There was much singing and guitar playing around the campfire. I pretty sure everyone had a great time. I met some really cool people that I hope I can hang out with again in the future. Next time I'll drink more water.

If you went to the festival and have any opinions on the beers or the event please leave a comment.

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