Sunday, January 24, 2010

01-24-2010 Jackson Falls

Way up Santa Paula Canyon, beyond the graffiti painted waterfalls and slides there is a set of two waterfalls called Upper and Lower Jackson Falls. Typically these falls are dry. To my knowledge they didn't flow at all in 2009. However when it really rains, as it it did this week, Santa Paula Creek fills up and the Jackson Falls flow with majesty. It took some careful creek navigation, wet boots, a jump over the fast flowing creek, and an accent up rain slicked rocks, but we finally got to our long sought destination. Jackson Falls did not disappoint. The water was arched off the fifty foot high lip of the falls with such tremendous force that if one were completely nuts they could walk behind the water. It had taken us four hours to get there and we were hungry. We stopped for hour to eat lunch and take some pictures. We the packed up and and took a five minute walk up to the Upper Falls. These Falls are about the same height as the Lower Falls but spill out into a big pothole in the canyon floor. At this point it was time to head back. The hike back was much easier and faster. When we got back we showered up went out and ate a hundred dollars worth of Japanese food then Frank slept for 16 hours.

Lower Jackson Falls

Upper Jackson Falls

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  1. Thanks for posting these photos. I was on a scout hike there back in the 70's and almost got washed over the lower falls. Thanks for refreshing my memory of the terrain.