Monday, February 15, 2010

02-13-2010 Tar Creek

Tar Creek is a hike we have done many times before. However, each time you go you can't help but be impressed by it's scale and power. This hike was no different. With the recent heavy rains we knew Tar Creek would be really flowing. An oil spill had closed the road to the trail-head for a couple weeks, but the gate was now opened for all. We were happy have to along Franks' childhood friend Erin for the days adventure. Once we got down the first hill we could that the creek was moving a lot of water. The cascades were pretty much overwhelmed by rushing water.

Our normal route was flooded so we had to take a slightly more risky way around the bottom pool of the cascades.

We made to the bottom falls without to much trouble, but just having all that water raging right next to you can make second guess yourself in places you normally wouldn't. The final falls were going off to a degree I have not witnessed before.

If you look closely you can see Erin standing at the top of the falls.

Speaking of degrees, I took a reading with my digital thermometer and the water temperature was a cool 45 degrees. We had lunch, took a lot of pictures. We didn't see any condors this time. Some jerk left his beer can behind. It really angers me to find trash down there. The condors have a thing about eating shiny things. Any trash like candy wrappers or aluminum can tabs or even coins and glass can end up be eating by a condor and as a result kill them. Leaving your trash behind is an asshole move anywhere. Leaving your trash behind in the Condor Sanctuary is completely unacceptable to me. The hike up and out was pretty standard. All in all it was a great hike that I think all three of us enjoyed quite a bit.

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  1. Hi, this is David Stillman replying to your comment regarding the condor photo on my blog. The bird in the photo you commented on is indeed a condor, part of a mated pair that frequently nest at the bottom of Tar Creek. #'s 286 and 192. I have observed them numerous times. If you double click on the image you will see that the bird is not a vulture. Thank you, however, for your comment. Looks like you hit many of the great local places.