Monday, June 14, 2010

06-10-2010 Tar Creek

The Big Pool, Bear Heaven in the background

Frank and I decided that a day hike to Tar Creek was in order. We figure the water levels will be getting pretty low soon. And as the water heats up with the summer the algae will really bloom.

We got to the lower falls quickly, and easily. I finally worked up enough courage to jump from the 40ft perch. It was the highest jump I've ever done for sure.

Trying to work up some courage

Frank brought my boat, and floated in the big pool for awhile.

Relaxing in style

Snakes in love

A family of nude hikers made their way down from their camp at the cascades. The mom and the kid put some clothes on when they saw us, but dad was not about to cover up. What got me wasn't the lack of clothing, but that they weren't wearing any shoes. You have to be pretty dedicated to your nakedness to walk through the rough, and jagged boulders of Tar Creek without any foot protection. They hung out for a bit, and then they headed back to their camp, barefoot, and bare-ass. We took off shortly after the family did. I think we were both feeling pretty good because we made it up the Tar Creek hill in 38 minutes, a personal record. If you're thinking about hitting up Tar Creek this year, the countdown is on, hurry up. Contact me or leave a comment if you have any questions or anything.